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Motion Graphics, web assets, and video for brand identity and product marketing.

InnerSpace UI Design


UI Examples from InnerSpace

While most gameplay is presented without UI, we needed simple but lively menus for the player to change airframes, investigate relics, and perform some non-game functions, like remapping keys.


Main Menu: Animated Icons

Working with a simple design language, I created animated icons that gave the main menu some personality while communicating the purpose of each sub-section.


Relic Viewer: Interactive Exploration

The Relic Viewer allows players to investigate relics they've collected throughout the Inverse up close. In it, they can rotate a 3d, interactive display of the relic. As they interact with it, players reveal new points of interest. Each of these reveals some information and, possibly, a new interaction for further discovery. 


Airframe Loadout: Schematic Overview

As players progress on their journey, they recover new airframes. Each of these has a unique background, ability, and set of stats. The loadout screen conveys all of this to the player, but aims not to bog them down in too much unnecessary data.