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InnerSpace: Kickstarter Video


Introducing a New World

Project: Kickstarter video for InnerSpace, an experimental, epic flying adventure.
Target Audience: Fans of exploration games, independent/art games, and flight-sim enthusiasts.
Goal: Debut the world, vision, and feeling of a new IP to drive backer pledges.
Role: Art director/illustrator, motion design, and footage capture + final comp.

The original Kickstarter video for InnerSpace was the game's world debut. It was a mix of early gameplay footage and animated illustrations. Together, this imagery conveyed the tonal and stylistic essence of the game, even when the project was at an early stage.

To convey the scale of the game’s worlds and its encounters, I created illustrations from the ground-up for parallax animation. I then formatted and animated them. I also cut together the gameplay footage and aligned the audio tracks.


Key Art

The illustrations covered a broad range of formats, vistas, and locales. They worked in tandem with gameplay footage to fill out the viewer's idea for the final game and its world.