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PubNub Video Content


In-depth Video for a Developer Audience

Project: Ongoing video content showcasing inventive uses of the PubNub API.
Target Audience: Software developers working on similar applications, or interested in realtime data-streaming itself.
Goal: Showcase interesting uses of the technology to developers, and drive traffic through the company’s user acquisition funnel.
Role: Concept/scripting, director, and videographer/animator.

The Marketing and Developer Relations teams needed to showcase varied and inventive applications of the company’s core technology, and wanted a way to bring traffic to the company’s blogs and tutorials- a major source for user leads.

To craft this content, I balanced technical product knowledge with a creative eye and high production standards.

From this project, I gained an inside view into the technical side of each project built by the Dev-Rel team. Because this content targeted a developer community, maintaining a technical understanding was key to communicating effectively, and knowing which questions to ask.

These videos garnered PubNub’s social channels over 10,000 new views, as well as international coverage.

The Content Pipeline

Each week, I’d collaborate with the Content Marketing Manager to make a compilation video summarizing the latest in PubNub content, with the goal of syndicating lead-generating blog content across social and video channels.

Each video had a mix of bespoke animation, new footage, and pre-existing media.

Below are two samples from this initiative.

One of PubNub’s “Content Roundup” videos, combining clips from that week’s content with custom animation.

Another “Content Roundup” video, showcasing different tutorials, with their own custom motion graphics.