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Visual Design for Motion and Web

Motion Graphics, web assets, and video for brand identity and product marketing.

PubNub Motion + Visual Branding


Motion and Visual Branding for Web and Content Channels

Project: Motion and Video Assets for Company Branding
Target Audience: Software developers, or other potential customers, evaluating the PubNub API via the web.
Goal: Communicate the speed, versatility, and reliability of PubNub technology in stylish, intuitive ways.
Role: Motion, Visual Design, and Videography

Our research showed that potential customers had a hard time intuitively grasping the use and nature of the company’s various offerings. By focusing on specific examples of use cases and marshaling a deep understanding of the product, I was able to craft a series of assets to support web and other marketing copy.

Product Animations

These animations lived on product pages that explained each technology in detail, and led readers to technical developer resources.

The key deliverable for this project was a video introducing PubNub BLOCKS, for which I conceptualized, illustrated, and animated detailed motion graphics to help demonstrate ideas to the viewer.

Overall Branding

We used animation, video, and motion graphics to convey the global reach, variable uses, and high-speed of PubNub applications. These assets were used as hero sections on product pages across PubNub web properties.

Product Announcement for PubNub Blocks

An evolution of the company’s primary offering, Blocks (later renamed as PubNub Functions) allows users to do computation on realtime data in-motion, rather than at the data’s endpoint. This allows a single message to serve multiple uses without burdening either the sender or end-user devices with additional work.

This video captures the “what,” “why,” and some of the “how” behind this technology, and accompanied the company’s major product launch announcements. It raised awareness and was part of a user acquisition funnel for this new product.