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University of PubNub: Product Onboarding Courses

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A One-Stop Shop for PubNub Wisdom

Project: A series 21 video lectures, all under ten minutes, that cover the basics of working with the PubNub API.
Target Audience: Developers integrating the PubNub API into their app, as well as developers exploring new features of the technology.
Goal: Provide clear, concise tutorials and best-practices straight from product and QA experts.
Role: Project manager, Concept/scripting, director/videographer.

After producing a few educational webinars featuring the CTO and QA lead, it became clear that the company needed a centralized, easy-to-understand body of knowledge that combined basic how-to’s with best practices, and general wisdom for how to best implement the product. I designed PubNub University as an answer to this need. In consultation with product managers, the QA team, and CTO, I planned each course, scheduled and carried out production, and was an advocate for the project to all levels of management from start to launch.

“UP101,” the first of 21 videos covering the usage of PubNub’s offerings.

All lectures can be found as playlists on the PubNub youtube channel.