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Small Teams and a Theme

Game jams are a great way to experiment with mechanics, test art styles, and prototype the basics of potentially larger games. Typically, game jams have a theme, but they’re largely open to interpretation.

Here are some of the best game jam games that I’ve had a hand in producing.


A minimalist horror game, WhiteWall is a first-person labyrinth crawl in an unsettling realm. One of the first games I made as part of Polyknight Games, for the 2014 Dallas Society of Play Halloween Horror Game Jam. Theme: Spooky.


I like this game because it places a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, and it uses a few strong notes economically.

Role: concept artist, level designer.

Headphones recommended.

Little Ruins

A cheerful co-operative adventure for up to four friends. Play as a troupe of Acorn Knights in a quest to restore a miniature garden to its former harmony. Made in 2016, again as part of Polyknight Games for Ludum Dare 38. Theme: A Small World.


If given more development time, this game’s obstacles and adversaries could be more complex. In its basic form, Little Ruins distills action-rpg mechanics into an accessible, simple package.

Role: concept artist, level designer.

Controller required, friends recommended.