Game Art & Design


Game Art and Design — Selected Projects

InnerSpace Visual Identity


Iconography and Imagery 

Within the game, I wanted to create iconography that gave the sense of a distinct world with its own symbolic traditions. I created to major sets of icons: World Title graphics, and Point of Interest icons, used throughout the UI. 

For each of the game's Achievement images, I translated the visual style and language of the game into condensed forms.


Achievement Graphics

Using the iconography from within the game, I condensed the color palette and dominant, expressive textures from relevant portions of the game to create evocative achievement trophies. These were intended to feel like truly valuable collectibles to commemorate player achievement. 

World Title Graphics

Each of these graphics uses a sphere, the game's key shape, as a basis. From there, each is modified to suggest something about the world to which it belongs. 


Ancient Symbols

Appearing primarily in the relic viewer, these symbols are remnants of an Ancient language that has long passed into obscurity. All that remains are suggestions of pictographic meaning. These were also used in world-space on banners used to differentiate towers for memorability.