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Game Art and Design — Selected Projects

Bog Hollow (Prototype)

BH overview copy.png

A Possum Survival Sim

A first-person survival platformer. Developed by four people over two weeks.

Live the life of a possum: collect treasure-trash, scavenge for food and warmth, and explore the nooks and high-heights of Bog Hollow.

I designed and built the map, created 3d assets, and drew the player’s hands.

Design Objectives:

  1. Simple and fun distillation of survival gameplay.

  2. Condensed level design with verticality.

  3. Explore a human-scale world as a small creature. Discover and leverage incidental nooks and crannies, and navigate creatively.

Key Mechanics

Carry What You Can Hold

Your inventory is limited to one item per hand. Keep supplies nearby, but leave a free hand to collect treasure.

Simple and Satisfying Crafting

Clap to combine items! Discover recipes organically

Climb and Scurry

Climb vines and scurry through ruins to uncover shortcuts, resources, and better treasure-trash.


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