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Game Art and Design — Selected Projects

Riddle Realms (Prototype + Pitch)


A Pitch for Puzzles

Role: Concept art/visual design, cinematics staging and camera work, motion graphics, and final video editing.

A high-fidelity pitch video developed by four people over the course of three months.

The game is Riddle Realms: a dimension-hopping, cooperative puzzle game that would combine elements of Escape Room puzzles with the vast, surreal spaces only possible in video games.

Art Direction Objectives:

  1. A fascinating and strange realm rife with wonderment

  2. Interesting and quizzical character designs that allow players to take on their roles

  3. Unique visual cues borrowed from physical media, like gouache painting, to lend physicality to game spaces.

The Pitch Video:

The final pitch video itself. 3D work by Steve Zapata and Chris Miller, with additional compositing by Chris Miller.

Visual Development

Creating a unique setting was key for this pitch. For the environment and the character design, I focused on finding unique materials, looking to conch shells, pottery, and fabrics for inspiration.

Original jam:

Riddle Realms started as a game jam called “Sandwitch” with a simple premise: Teleport across a vast desert realm to deliver mail for its odd inhabitants.

Though unfinished, the jam proved the viability of combining large-scale teleportation exploration with small, local point-and-click vignettes.

For the jam, I did character art, created the game environment, and contributed to the original concept.